Parent Information

Session times for 4-5 year olds (Senior Group)

2020 & 2021
9.15am – 2.15pm Monday
9.15am – 2.15pm Wednesday 
9.15am – 2.15pm Friday

Session times for 3-4 year olds (Junior Group)

2020 & 2021
Tuesday & Thursday

9.15am – 12.15pm Term 1 – 6 hours per week
9.15am – 1.15pm Term 2 & 3 – 8 hours per week
9.15am – 2.15pm Term 4 – 10 hours per week

This year we are very pleased to introduce a change to the junior group with the addition of a third educator. This is extremely advantageous to the children for the following reasons:

  • Running an indoor/outdoor program across the entire kinder.
  • Children are far more settled in the indoor/outdoor program.  Happier, as children can self select where they would like to be.
  • For children with SPD or sensory overload issues, in relation to noise and busy spaces, they can learn to manage and regulate their feelings and emotions by removing themselves from these uncomfortable situations.
  • Having 3 educators provides a much better educational program for the 3 year old group.  1 educator can have the time to work closely with specific children, for an extended period of time to further enhance learning.
  • Educators have more productive time to chat with parents at the commencement of kinder or during a session when on duty.


Please put a broad brimmed hat in your child’s bag and apply sunscreen as you enter Kindergarten between the 1st of September and the 30th of April.


At Jack and Jill we promote a healthy eating, wrapper free policy.

We are a NUT FREE Kindergarten.

There are some great products on the market to enable a totally wrapper free lunch box for your child. Check out Nude Food Movers or Tupperware as a start for good ideas.

Occupational Therapy and Speech Assessments – Senior Group

Early identification of speech, language or physical delays is vital. The earlier a child can access support for their learning journey the better, as a child starting school with a speech, language or physical impairment may be at a disadvantage academically.  At Jack and Jill we offer assessments in our senior group towards the end of term 1. These assessments will assist the kinder to plan specific skill development for the whole group, focussing on the acquisition of important pre school skills so every child has the best opportunity to learn in a way that suits their unique needs.  Understanding how your child learns best and what makes them happy and settled is vital to being a strong advocate for your child as they move into the school system.
(these are optional – not included in fees and will incur a minor fee, should families wish for their child to participate in the screenings)